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Amboy could recall, in vivid memory that bore out every glaring detail, D.B. DeBow taking Tallahatchie away from the church on their wedding day. A couple dozen Budweiser cans tethered to the bumper of D.B.’s Eldorado danced and banged and rattled against the street, announcing to the good folk of Caroline, that he was about to legally violate one of their daughters and there was nothing they could do about it. The Honeymoon was about to commence in earnest, and Amboy felt sick to his stomach. …


Plastic Jesus

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Shade on the Knoll was a new housing development a few miles out of town. Golbert guessed the planners were trying to provide the illusion of country living within smelling distance of the city. He had found the construction site while out on a Sunday drive, something Golbert did from time to time to clear his head, and get away from Ringo for a few hours. Though Sunday drive was actually just a figure of speech, much like Shade on the Knoll, as far as Golbert was concerned, his Sunday drives rarely occurred on Sundays.

With Plastic Jesus…


Plastic Jesus

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Fearing he might swoon again, Golbert had Ringo carry the girl to the van. Golbert had only carried the money and a few of the harder to find, more expensive, Beatles albums: First pressings of “Revolver,” “Abbey Road,” and of course, “The White Album,” but even that proved to be almost too taxing on his mysteriously weakened state. For some reason, he could not shake the pain in his chest.

Ringo immediately took Abbey Road from the stack of records and tried, again, to explain to the dead girl who the Beatles were and his importance within the…


Plastic Jesus

The ‘money’ was a two-foot, by two-foot, by two-foot, duct tape reinforced window air conditioner box filled with bundles of one hundred dollar bills. Ten thousand dollars to a bundle. A corrugated paper container, filled with everything holy and unholy in the human world. Precious currency, with which one can buy and sell bodies and souls. Enough to rearrange the moral standards of the most virtuous of men and spread the legs of the most pious of women. A means to breed life or harvest life. …

Plastic Jesus

a person, or thing that kills for personal entertainment.
“Golbert cut off the girl’s fingers.”
synonyms: murderer, assassin, slaughterer, butcher, serial killer, gunman; More…


The muse descended on me like a soft brick. It was ugly.

Forgive me if I sound condescending, but, if you don’t read this, you will never understand the nonsense you are about to consume. Bear with me for a moment. Some of this prologue will sound pretentious, but I assure you that I’m a moron of the first order and functioning at the highest level of idiocy. …


American Rainbow

I want to thank everyone who read, and is reading, American Rainbow. It means a lot to me that you suffer through my nonsense.

As a real starving artist, I have limited access to the internet and I have to walk two miles to upload chapters at a park with the slowest internet on the planet. (I’m supposed to walk two miles a day anyway, but I still like to bitch about it).

I see all your responses in my email, but I haven’t read them — yet. For some reason, the Medium app on my phone won’t let me…


American Rainbow

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I got two dead over here, Sheriff!” a Texas Ranger yelled out to Absalom.

Absalom could see from where they had landed, that one of the bodies was Amboy.

“Where’s the man on the cow?” Tallahatchie murmured.

“There is no man on a cow, darlin’. I don’t think I know what you’re talking about.”

Fear began to billow inside her. “Where’s Amboy?”

Absalom frowned and shook his head.

Tallahatchie began to cry. “I spent my whole life waiting for him, and as soon as I get him, something takes him straight away.”

“He was a good boy. He…


American Rainbow

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Tallahatchie, don’t let it end like this, not with both of us at the mercy of that crazy man. Go to the road and find help.”

“I can’t leave you here.”

“You know what Yeats said?”

Despite his pain, Amboy managed to offer Cody Buck a stern look. “If you can’t help me convince her to go, you need to shut up,” he groaned.

“I’ll tell you what he said,” Cody Buck continued, ignoring Amboy’s pain, “‘Too long a sacrifice can make a stone of the heart. Oh, when may it suffice?’ Your gonna have to do something…


American Rainbow

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After the bite, every long shadow looked like a snake. Vestal’s arrows weren’t hitting anywhere near them. Some of them could only be heard as they struck the desert.

“I guess he doesn’t like the taste of the water,” Cody Buck said. “You know what I think, Amboy? I’m beginning to think I was all wrong about that boy. I think you might’ve been right. I’m starting to think he’s just some idiot who can’t shoot straight.”

Amboy stopped and looked to the horizon. Against the gathering storm clouds, lined up like skinny toy soldiers, spanning as far…


Where do the commas go?

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